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SANSI LED scoreboard in Mercedes-Benz Arena



SANSI manufactured and installed a scoreboard in the Mercedes-Benz Arena, Shanghai, China.

Aimed to design a scoreboard that would bring the best fan experience ever seen, this project created a complex integration element that involved different technologies. Covering 401 ㎡, the 12mm pixel pitch LED display is the first NBA standard centerhung LED display in China.

Mercedes-Benz Arena, Shanghai, China

SANSI collaborated with foreign high-end brand Omega on the project. The unique timing and scoring system accurately completes the game's timing and scoring. Real-time display game ’s results while provide vivid images, good color and excellent brightness consistency , and no mosaic.

Additionally, it also uses a video controller, which is powerful and allows audience in live games or TV to clearly see every exciting moment of the game.

Mercedes-Benz Arena, Shanghai, China

Live games need to be displayed on the screen. This calls for flexible screen controls, high definition displays, and realistic effects. SANSI provided Mercedes-Benz with the latest model screens to give the audience the best in LED displays.

Mercedes-Benz Arena, Shanghai, China

Mercedes-Benz Arena, Shanghai, China


This interior LED video display employs surface-mount device (SMD) pixel technology, where the LEDs in each pixel are packaged together, allowing for crisp, clear imagery and a widened viewing experience. SNA Displays continues to provide an industry-leading array of interior and exterior products offered with SMD packaging technology.