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Why SANSI high bay light can be your best choice?



Industry Trends

Nowadays, the concept of green and low-carbon life has gradually penetrated into our life. LED high bay lights have also brought about new changes. Taking industrial LED lamps as an example. Its advantages and prospects will surely become the new benchmark for future LED high bay lights development.

Compared with traditional incandescent bulbs, LED lights have their own unique advantages.  The higher the power of incandescent bulbs, the higher the heat and it is more likely to cause fire. From the perspective of energy saving, the LED lights are also much brighter than the incandescent bulbs. Driven by the energy saving and emission reduction policy, many LED lighting manufacturers gradually eliminated the incandescent bulbs production line. Frankly speaking, LED lights will dominate the future lighting market and the development prospects are incalculable.

sansi high bay lightssansi high bay lights applications


LED high bay lights are regarded as an LED lighting for both indoors and outdoors. Due to the different space environment of industrial plants, the workshop lighting is used in various areas. Compared with other indoor lighting, they are widely used in landscape lighting and other places such as basketball court, GYM, garage, factory, tunnel, supermarket, studio, church and so on.

For example, workshop illumination can be from dozens. There are hundreds or even thousands of LUX. Therefore, the choice of LED lighting needs to be based on different illumination and location. Choosing different light source power combinations and lighting styles as follows:

ApplicationHeight(㎡)Beam Angle(°)WattageSpacing of Luminaire (m)Average Illumination (lx)

Optics with the Light Flux Ray Method (LFR)

A variety of lenses are available to meet the needs of medium and low shed mining areas. It can improve light utilization as much as possible and save energy. Direct light distribution through the lens has no need to use hood light. It has high thermal conductivity with small light decay and higher CRI. The higher CRI can truly improve people’s work efficiency. Optical technology ensures that 93% of the light emitted is contained within the customized beam angle. SANSI optic lenses prevent optical loss and uniformed light distribution. The multiple options for optics in LED lighting have created new ways to generate and focus light onto specific areas. It mostly optimizes the benefits of that lighting for the underlying application.

high bay lights

Honeycomb heating system

The SANSI LED high bay lights adopt a unique heat dissipation design. They are combined with the power box to effectively spread the heat, thereby reducing the temperature inside the LED lights and ensuring the service life of the lights. Besides, SANSI high bay lights adopt imported LED chips and provide bright lighting output. They are in better performance and long lifespan. This unique heating system can enhance the thermal conductivity of the chip and reduce the thermal resistance interface layer. It involves thermal management system structural mode, fluid mechanics and engineering applications of super-thermal materials. Heating system can effectively control the heat storage of the heat-dissipating matrix, plan the convective heat dissipation path, and start with the design of the luminaire structure.

sansi led with others

Eye-protection Lights

Another advantages of SANSI high bay lights are no flicker. They are comfortable lighting without harsh glares as well as helping to reduce eye strain, increasing visual range, and protecting your eyes. CRI80+ provides true color temperature experience. Everything is just pleasant on your eyes. SANSI high bay lights are green and eco-friendly, no uv, infrared or other deleterious radiation. In addition, SANSI lights are all crafted to meet international safety standards. Optional Optical Lens are available to meet the needs of medium and low shed mining areas. As a result, It can Improve light utilization as much as possible and protect your eyes.

In addition, characteristic of industrial lighting is that the environment is complex and the conditions are bad. Therefore, it is necessary to select different types of lights according to various environmental conditions of the lighting place so as to protect your eyes.


High efficiency, energy saving and eye protection advantages should be considered when choosing good high bay lights. SANSI's LED high bay lights have all of these features and more! Its varying range in power selection from 30W to 100W makes SANSI more residentially and commercially suitable. Probably most importantly, the heat dissipation technology and their energy efficiency is what makes them a leader in their own field.