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SANSI Develops High Performance, Affordable LED Bulbs To Advance Mainstream Adoption



LED's were introduced as a replacement of incandescent and CFL bulbs to save us energy and money. Although the original LED bulbs produced incredibly bright beams at various color temperatures that brightened up our home's at lower costs. Unlike incandescent & CFL bulbs, which are Omni-directional by design. LED bulbs were not. This meant that LED bulbs were putting out directional light with an absolute maximum beam angle of around 220°. This meant that they were unable to meet the demands of certain areas of the home that required Omni-directional light. However, modern Omni-directional LED bulbs can now produce light from anywhere between 270-300 degrees. Meaning they're better for the home than incandescent bulbs. Due to the fact they save energy, money and can now produce a wide angled beam.

light distribution comparison


Dimmable LED Omni-directional Bulbs

Dimmable LED Omni-directional bulbs, despite their initial higher cost, are a great investment for the home. Dimmable LED bulbs are able to dim smoothly from 0-100% making them fantastic for general and ambient lighting. They can be used in every room. However, their most frequently used rooms are the bedroom and the living room. This is due to their ability to go smoothly from super bright to dimming down to match the mood of the room.

Now that Omni-directional LED bulbs are available it is important to recognize what sets apart the good ones from the bad ones. The good ones should be able to provide you with excellent well evenly distributed light. Dimmable options. Save you energy and be long lasting. SANSI's Omni-directional bulbs provide all of these and more!

Dimmable LED Omni-directional Bulbs

The Unique Design

First of all, let's look at the design of these bulbs. Their ceramic white body coupled with its hollowed out base, gives them a distinct look that benefits both their look and their performance. They're designed to be different. Their unique use of ceramic and hollow base design is there for a reason. The ceramic and the hollow base are used as in these bulbs to complement the bulb's heat dissipation. Ceramic as a substance has incredibly tightly bonded atoms and this makes it less conductive to heat. This along with hollow base of the bulb allow the bulbs to produce a lot of light while using minimum power and energy. SANSI's structure and design are all about saving energy while not sacrificing the quality of the light. Their ceramic body and hollow body allow this to happen.

High Performance

SANSI omni-directional LED bulbs with 270°wide beam angle give off light in all directions. These bulbs have E26 sockets so they can be used all around the home. SANSI omni-directional LED bulbs have been designed in order to dissipate heat effectively in order to produce the brightest beam using the least amount of energy.

Recommended Applications:

Ideal for the home, kitchen, garage, warehouse, basement, mall, barn, office, school, hospital, shopping mall, workshop, logistic center, stadium, hotel, church, studio, GYM etc.

SANSI LED Omni-directional Bulbs


SANSI LED Omni-directional Bulbs

Power (W)Color Temp (K)Dim/non-dimMore
22W LED Omni-directional Bulb22W3000K & 5000KNon-dimView On Sansi
27W LED Omni-directional Bulb27W3000K & 5000KDim & Non-dimView On Sansi