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SANSI Expands LED Bulb Portfolio with Perfect Energy efficient TE Series Plane Light Bulbs



Since 2003, when the Chinese government was vigorously promoting LED bulbs in end-market applications, they have become mainstream commodities in the LED lighting market. Recently, SANSI launches new TE series plane light that is light weight and economical.

In 2009 the EU voted to ban all incandescent bulbs starting in September 2012. The US followed suit and will ban them starting January 2014. Before they were completely outlawed, there were still enthusiasts for incandescent bulbs for a variety of reasons. The majority of consumers want to be a part of the global effort to reduce carbon, in any way they can. Most people don’t mind paying slightly more for green products than the original non-green that needs to be replaced – in this case, a home light bulb.

SANSI Expands LED Bulb

LED's are known for their energy efficiency. They provide a natural soft light incredibly similar to that of daylight. This is ideal especially for indoor applications. They also require no time to heat up, which makes them turn on immediately when called upon. Another huge benefit of using LED lights is that they are flicker free.

Traditional Heat Dissipation System vs SANSI LED Heat Dissipation System

LED manufacturers have invested a lot of resources in research and development and produced a series of LED bulbs with diversified choices to consumers. In fact, the first thing manufacturers should consider is heat sink and heat dissipation system design. If the heat dissipation system is not working effectively, the generated heat cannot be quickly dissipated to the outside air. Therefore, not only the performance of total lumen output, but reliability and durability are influenced. In addition, it is hard to attain a wide illumination angle, high luminous efficacy and cost effectiveness simultaneously. Since 1993, SANSI is dedicated to developing the most effective heat dissipation system. So, what’s the SANSI difference?

led heat dissipation systems

Figure 1: Comparison of heat dissipation systems between SANSI design and traditional design

Note: The larger Rth(j-a)is, the worse the thermal conductivity

SANSI’s advantage with LED bulbs is our patented ceramic LED technology. Ceramic dissipates heat more efficiently than aluminum and it’s not conducive to electricity allowing our LED chips to be molded directly to the ceramic. In a word, the heat is all transferred to the ceramic body so as to prolong the lifespan of our bulbs.

Unique Structure Features and High Quality LED Chips

The whole size of the standard TE series bulbs maximizes heat dissipation capacity. Further, the LEDs need to be distributed as evenly as possible over the entire surface of the heat sink to create an omni-directional lighting pattern of the bulb. All LED chips produce heat. The quality of any LED chip and its fixture is determined by how well the heat is dissipated from the chips and its fixture. To make a quality LED light bulb that is low in manufacturing costs yet delivers good performance requires a systematic approach that includes every aspect of LED lighting engineering. SANSI LED chips are evenly distributed on the ceramic surface, which makes beam angle smaller. Also, the self-developed hollow-out power supply effectively reduce the inside ambient temperature of power supply chamber, that means it improves the service life and achieves high efficiency and energy saving.

Uniformed Light Distribution

SANSI optic lenses prevent optical loss and uniformed light distribution. In addition, we offers a variety of optical lenses suitable for various lighting applications providing uniformed light distribution.

Bulb Light Distribution Curve

Figure 2 : SANSI TE Series Bulb Light Distribution Curve

Benefits of TE series bulbs:

  • Premium LED chips and patented ceramic heat dissipation technology ensure excellent heat dissipation.

  • Ultra-bright, well-balanced lighting output without glare, excellent durability.

  • Integral insulating materials, high-quality PC shell, making it safer and more reliable.

  • Certified quality LED, allowing further energy consumption and long lifespan.

  • Healthy light, no flicker, economical and environmentally friendly.

Safety for A Wide Range of Applications

TE series has a simple construction. The bulb body is a hollow-out structure. This LED lights do not overheat or emit harmful components (no UV&IR, no toxic mercury & lead). It can be safety install in ceiling light fixture, pendant fixture, floor lamps, table lamps and bare lamp sockets. SANSI bulbs are crafted to meet international safety and reliability standards.

TE Series Plane Light Bulbs

SANSI TE Series Bulbs

Figure 3 : SANSI TE Series Bulbs


TE series bulb technology beats its competitors in terms of performance and costs. In relation to performance, the technology is superior in its flexibility in lighting distribution characteristics while maintaining high efficacy. It is an economical and environmentally friendly product for wide applications.