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SANSI Customized Ultra-High-Definition LED Display and Control System for UnionPay



In order to build a high-efficiency society and realize smart life, infrastructures such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data have developed rapidly in recent years. Especially for departments or institutions that highly rely on big data for management, the data visualization systems for smart control has become the current mainstream management method.


Recently, Sansi customized an ultra-high-definition LED visual display system for China UnionPay business center, which provides a strong guarantee for the efficient operation of UnionPay's big data. The high-quality display effect has also won high recognition from the customer because of the following advantages: 

(1)The business level and quantity of different provinces and cities across the country are displayed based on the map, and various business scenarios are interactively displayed; 

(2)Monitor and display real-time conditions of key customers, institutions, and the operation of key business products dynamically;

(3)Extract data from the changing information, and integrate cross-regional and cross-domain database to strengthen the connection and collaborative combat capabilities between business departments;

(4)Support panoramic visualization and dynamic presentation of business data and freely transform according to various requirements, enhancing UnionPay's competitiveness and sustainable development capabilities as an important financial organization.