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Sansi Lighted Up A 1386-Meter Canyon Suspension Bridge



As one of the major arteries of southwest traffic, the Huaping-Lijiang Expressway is an important part of the national expressway network, which is of great significance to promoting the economic development of Yunnan Province.The Jinshajiang Suspension Bridge is located in the mountainous gorge on this section of the road, and its bridge width-to-span ratio has set new records in many aspects, making a miraculous thoroughfare between the cliffs.


Sansi provided professional lighting system solutions for this ultra-long-span suspension bridge, including huge amounts of lighting fixtures and systems such as guardrail lights, wall lights, and floodlights. In particular, the low-position LED guardrail lights independently developed by Sansi solves the lighting problem caused by the steel beam structure of the bridge. More than 4000 sets of low-position lights are integrated with the guardrails. While ensuring high-quality lighting, Sansi also takes into account the requirements of simple installation, simplicity and beauty, which has won the high recognition of the bridge management department.


(Image sourced from Internet)

When night falls, the Jinshajiang Suspension Bridge looks like a magnificent light belt hanging over the valley. The light is soft and bright while the light color is uniform and the space is more transparent. Due to its unique structure and light distribution design, Sansi low-position guardrail lights not only prevent the glare interference to the driver's vision, but also ensure the illumination and uniformity of the road surface, as well as promising the safety of passengers and vehicles.


(Image sourced from Internet)

Sansi low-position LED guardrail lights can also realize timing control, photosensitive control and remote control. With its energy-saving, high-efficiency, stable and reliable characteristics, it can be widely used in urban elevated, ramps, bridges, highways and other places.