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Comfortable and Sustainable SANSI Tunnel Lighting Solution




YangCheng west lake, Suzhou, China

The tunnel in Yangcheng west lake is a comprehensive approach to tunnel lighting. It has a total length of 2.31 kilometers, the average width is 48 meters, the speed is 80km / h. As an important node of Suzhou Central Expressway, it has effectively promoted local logistics, people flow, capital flow, information flow and cultural flow. More than 4,000 sets of lighting fixtures tailored by SANSI have solved problems.

The right lighting

With C0810-XC reflective LED tunnel light installation optimized for flexible light level adjustment via SANSI self-produced control system and the 5000 hours long lifetime we will achieve an energy saving of 85% each year compared to traditional lighting systems.

863 LED lighting key research result: Reflective LED Technology

SANSI actively undertake major projects subject research achievements of national 863 program, which has formed own patented LED technology. Lambert light distribution and three-dimensional reflective cavity design, further improving the efficiency of light reflection and the light uniformity. It provides the driver superior lighting quality and safety with high brightness and no glare.


Cost-efficient and high performance LED tunnel lighting

C0810-XC reflective LED tunnel light is an efficient and energy-saving luminaire combined with SANSI patented reflective LED technology. With excellent lighting uniformity, high efficiency and long lifetime, C0810-XC delivers superior lighting quality. Reflective technology ensures uniform and evenly distributed light, no glare. The housing is made of high strength and excellent toughness , anti-corrosion, anti-acid and anti-alkali.



Self-produced patent LED technology, fast heat dissipation effect

♦ Based on XQV2 ceramic pixel platform, ensuring fast heat dissipation and long-lasting performance compared with traditional light, reliable and durable.(Patent No.:CN201721133174 .0)

♦ Ceramic heat sink, no PCB, fast heat dissipation

High grade of transparency to ensure lighting effect and prevent glare

♦ Reflective LED lighting with simple and elegant appearance.

♦ Soft light with flat light design

♦ Ensure light effect and effectively prevent glare with woven glass mask.

Smart dimming and light distribution technology, more efficient

♦ Improve tunnel light utilization with scientific light distribution design.

♦ Support multiple intelligent dimming methods to achieve "secondary energy saving". Eco-friendly and durable housing

♦ Use environmental friendly materials without harmful metals.

♦ IP65 and durable to use.


Until 2019, 60% tunnel lights provided by SANsi are currently utilized in China tunnel construction. With over 27 years of extensive experience, we have industry involvement to be able to fullfill customers’needs however comlicated.