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SANSI Extends Series of LED Bulbs to Meet Growing Consumer Demand



Since 1993, SANSI has developed LED products with the consumers’ needs and mass market availability as the primary drivers for innovation. Recently, SANSI has introduced new LED product lines, providing a variety of high-quality, practical LED bulbs to boost mainstream adoption.


High Quality: Rugged hollowed housing design, imported premium LED chips, patented ceramic heat dissipation technology (CHDT) ensures excellent heat dissipation and long-lasting performance.

Energy Efficiency: SANSI ceramic LED bulbs use active cooling with ceramic heat sink, and greatly extends lifetime. They can make you savings of over 90% on your electricity bill while using much less power than incandescent bulbs with a similar light output.

Healthy & Brighter Light: No flicker and comfortable lighting without harsh glares help to reduce eye strain, increase visual range, and protect eyesight. CRI80 provides true color temperature experience.

Uniformed Light Distribution Design

Optical technology ensures that 93% of the light emitted is contained within the customized beam angle. SANSI optic lenses prevent optical loss and uniformed light distribution.

Smart Remote Control Via Smartphone

Smart remote control: Efficient and convenient with mobile app. It is convenient to adjust on-off time, brightness and color temperature, etc. Transform rooms with the touch of a button.

Recommended Products:

Power (W)Color Temp (K)LumenMore
C21BB-QE bulbs10W6500K800lmView On Sansi
C21BB-WE bulbs22W/27W3000K & 5000K3000/4000lmView On Sansi
C21BB-TE bulbs8W/13W/16W3000K & 5000K800/1600/2000lmView On Sansi
C21BB-RE bulbs5W/8W3000K & 5000K500/800lmView On Sansi
C21BL bulbs6W2700K650lmView On Sansi
C21BB-SE bulbs17W3000K & 5000K2500lmView On Sansi