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SANSI’s Smart Connected Lighting for Smart Cities



In order to enhance the comfort, humanization and intelligence of lighting, the smart pole is a culmination of integrating six big technological features. These are LED lighting, information collection, information transmission, information dissemination, data processing and control execution. These operational functions will become important characteristics in the development of smart communities and cities. SANSI smart pole systems serve as an important carrier and terminal system of future intelligent community and intelligent city based on lot, cloud computing, big data, spatial geographic information integration, etc. It realized collection and transmission of important information for city service, public safety and environmental protection.

SANSI smart pole system were exhibited on Five-year Large-scale Achievement exhibition

On 25th September, 2017, Five-year Large-scale Achievement exhibition was held in Beijing. SANSI smart pole system was unveiled at the exhibition. SANSI has regarded by the industry as the pioneer of China's smart street lights.

The first large-scale application of smart street lighting project—Jiangsu Hongze

Jiangsu Hongze urban smart street light project is the first large-scale LED smart lighting project in China. It consists of 3000 sets intelligent dimming LED street light, 31 sets of smart street light and system platform. The poles are widely used for intelligent lighting, information releasing, data acquiring, security monitoring, and communicating. In the upper part of the pole, SANSI is equipped with an LED display with pixel density P3 in the outdoor environment. The temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, PM2.5 and other information are clearly shown on the screen.

Jiangsu Hongze Smart Connected Lighting

Beijing Smart City Project—Zuoanmen West Street

The smart pole system designed and manufactured by SANSI has successfully landed in Beijing Zuo'anmen. The sets have gold and bronze poles with auspicious clouds and beige poles, especially for its "high technology", it can also be used to charge electric vehicles, connect WIFI to mobile phones, monitor roads video information and PM2.5, publish temperature and wind speed or other information.

Beijing's sub-center project

The coming Beijing City Sub-center adheres to the principle of high standard and level in regional planning, and transforming into a modern smart city. The Sansi Smart Street light is installed in various sections of the administrative office area. It plays an important role in Beijing City Sub-center and other administrative areas.

Build Smart city management system project—Jiangxi Ruijin

The lighting project, a significant milestone in Ruijin’s ongoing transformation into a smart city, involved upgrading over 3, 000 traditional LED street lights with energy efficient ceramic LED lights and 30 sets of smart poles. It integrates functions including intelligent LED street lighting, LED display information releases, wireless networks, video surveillance, RFID person/object monitoring, environmental sensor monitoring, electric vehicle charging and emergency call, which will be a cost-effective and sustainable choice for cities today - and into the future.

Jiangxi Ruijin Smart Connected Lighting

G20 Summit smart lighting project—Hangzhou

SANSI smart poles not only serve as an important connected light source which can be remotely managed, they house technology to improve mobile network performance. Based on big data, cloud computing, Lot, geographic information and mobile internet, it provides the cost saving benefits of LED while improving communication capabilities for citizens.

Smart Connected Lighting