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SANSI Expands Its Presence in the China Import and Export Fair



The 125th China Import and Export Fair, known as the Canton Fair, opened in Guangzhou on April 15. The semi-annual event attracted world-class buyers and exhibitors from across the globe. SANSI participated in the Canton Fair with innovative products, which has been wowing customers.

SANSI Export Fair

Our booth was located in the lighting exhibition area(12.2 D29). We exhibited a VT series fine pitch LED display, which adopts positioning pins to achieve structural installation and real-time monitoring on operating status. It realizes Intelligent control and player system by cloud technology. The other exhibits were LED grow light, LED flood light, LED bulb, LED street light, LED security light, etc. Different products meet different needs, and these lights are all equipped with advanced LED ceramic technology. Ceramic is more corrosive resistant vs. aluminum to better deal with moisture and air pollution. SANSI’s Independent Pixel Heat Sink Technology provides both even and fast heat dissipation for each LED light pixel.

LED lights and systems are a hard core of SANSI LED application products. At the Canton Fair site, SANSI LED lighting products and LED display became the focus of domestic and foreign customers. Many international customers commented on SANSI products, believing that both functional configuration and product design reflected the first-class international standards. Our on-site staff said that our exhibits on display at the Canton Fair can be regarded as a special display of SANSI’s technology and innovation.

SANSI Export Fair scene

Facing the increasingly complex and changeable international market environment, SANSI will still firmly uphold its core values of innovation, sustainability and commitment. SANSI has been dedicated to offering clients the best LED products possible with our 26-year experience and technologies. These have allowed SANSI to maintain the path as an industry leader. We are determined and innovative in creating the ultimate LED display and lighting environment and our dedicated employees will continue working together towards greater mutual success. .