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SANSI Ceramic LED Street Light - Brighter Light while Saving energy



Street lighting in China

Socialization degree unceasingly enhancing, along with China’s urbanization advancement, traditional economic development pattern that focuses on developing energy-intensive and highly polluted industry has been abandoned and a greener way of development becomes the inevitable trend. A low-carbon era that encourages and enforces low energy consumption and low pollution has come. That’s when LED lighting applications start to catch people’s attention. Application of LED street lighting China, does not simply mean the replacement of traditional lamps. In a broader sense, LED street lighting China presents a concept that the only right way of development is to balance the economic outcome with social and environmental effects. Reasons why LED street lighting China is a better approach than the traditional lighting are listed as followed.

Street lighting in China

1.Lower Electricity Consumption and Longer Service Life

Low power consumption of LED street lighting China will not only reduce the energy consumption amount. At the same time, the reduction in electricity usage amount decreases the load area of power supply cable, thus reducing the investment of the cable in the construction process. The working life of LED street lighting China can reduce the maintenance costs in use process payment as well. In consideration of the massive usage of lighting facilities in streets, for example,the total amount of electricity saved is quite considerable, achieving economic and environmental effects at the same time.

SANSI Ceramic LED Street Light

2.Optics with the Light Flux Ray Method (LFR)

Using reversed optical designs and software, we simulate the optical parameters of the coverage area to calculate the lens model. Optical technology ensures that 93% of the light emitted is contained within the customized beam angle. SANSI optic lenses prevent optical loss and uniformed light distribution.

3.Modular Design-Wire Free, Plug-In Module Connections

There is no wire connection between the module unit and the light body making it convenient and easy for assembly and maintenance.

4.Light Distribution Customization

SANSI offers a variety of optical lenses suitable for various road conditions providing uniformed light distribution.

Light Distribution Customization