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Renew LED Street Light, Lighten Smart City



Ruijin is a popular destination for red tourism and ecotourism. It is a pilgrimage for Maoists from China and around the globe. Aware of the impact of rapid tourism industry growth, the local authorities launched a project. Its aim was to improve road safety, reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2020, and to achieve a connected lighting network construction. This mean replacing the town’s traditional lamps with green LED technologies. SANSI LED street lighting solutions create a safety and pleasant atmosphere for citizens. Around 3000 ceramic LED street lights and 30 smart street lights illuminate city streets of Ruijin.

Renew LED Street Light

Ruijin is the most famous as one of the earliest centers of Chinese communist activity. In 1931, under Maozedong’s leadership, the Chinese Soviet Republic was established here, with Ruijin serving as its de-facto capital. It’s necessary to build a better city for local government. Participating in the fierce competition with many Chinese top manufacturers, SANSI was selected as a winner for over 25 years' of extensive projects experience and creatively engineered LED solutions. For this project, SANSI offered over 3,000 ceramic LED street lights and 30 smart street lights, they were installed in roads, residential areas and parks. SANSI ceramic LED street light features patented ceramic heat dissipation technology, high efficiency, low light degradation. It dramatically reduce energy consumption by up to 50% compared to traditional lights and lower total cost of ownership. Adopting high temperature sintering method, it effectively reduced thermal resistance and improve seismic performance. It can be intelligently controlled, and to save energy, all of these light fixtures can be dimmed when less light is needed. Additionally, over 30 smart street lights are serving as an important carrier and terminal system of intelligent community and intelligent city. SANSI smart poles not only serve as an important connected light source which can be remotely managed, they integrate eight functions to improve mobile network performance across the city. It integrates functions including intelligent LED street lighting, LED display information releases, wireless networks, video surveillance, RFID person/object monitoring, environmental sensor monitoring, electric vehicle charging and emergency call, which will be the future trend of smart city.

Renew LED Street Light

The lighting project, a significant milestone in Ruijin’s ongoing transformation into a smart city, involved upgrading over 3, 000 traditional LED street lights with energy efficient ceramic LED lights. SANSI smart LED street lighting is a cost-effective and sustainable choice for cities today -and into the future.