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Chengdu Renhe Spring Installs Two SANSI Indoor LED Displays



SANSI recently completed a project consisting of two interior LED displays for a group of shopping malls located in Chengdu. Located at the front of a stylishly remodeled boutique, the bright and vivid display is clearly visible from the concourse outside the mall’s front doors.

SANSI Indoor LED Displays

Situated in Chengdu city center, Chengdu Renhe Spring is the largest and most high-end shopping mall founded in 1998. Covering over 6000㎡, with a wide range of global and domestic luxury bands and a hundred restaurants and eateries including Burberry, Armani, Boss and Cartier, the mall adopts LED displays to provide shoppers with an unforgettable shopping experience.

Total 426㎡, it consists of a 196㎡indoor full color LED display and a 230㎡customized LED display characterized by the shape of the Chinese ‘王’. The first 8mm LED display rises from a concourse area of the mall in the view of three floors’ viewers. It features a unique and Chinese ‘王’ shape, SANSI customized the unique LED display by employing own-developed LED technology, easy to install and maintenance. The second curved-edged LED display acing as the centrepiece of the shopping center. Capturing the shoppers’ eyes on the LED display is a visual feast created by SANSI, with the aim to showcase high-calibre advertising as well as fantastic video effects.

SANSI Indoor LED Displays

As a trusted and experienced LED display solutions provider, SANSI has installed hundreds of LED displays at home and abroad, from New York Times Square to Beijing Jinxin Building, SANSI relies on more than 400 engineers dedicated to developing a steady stream of new and improved products. SANSI utilizes 1 million square feet of space for manufacturing, administrative and customer service to support all our electronic display needs.