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SANAI LED Waterproof Outdoor Floodlights - Safe, Reliable, Efficient



SANSI ceramic floodlights are excellent energy-saving replacements for halogen lamps with saving up to 87%. It features patented ceramic heat dissipation technology, remote control, multiple optical lens, unique hollow out design and long lifespan. SANSI LED floodlights are highly versatile and are designed to meet diverse outdoor applications, including buildings, home, gardens, bridges, walls, backyards, pools, lawns, landscapes, etc.

LED Waterproof Outdoor Floodlights

SANSI Outdoor Floodlights Highlights:

  • Patented ceramic heat dissipation technology and unique hollow-out design

  • Imported high quality plastic shell and stainless steel lamp bracket, waterproof, dust-proof and anti-corrosion

  • RGB dimming & 8 working modes, dimmable waterproof color changing with remote control

  • Intelligent dimming system, color changing with remote control, allowing further energy conservation

  • Adopting multiple optical lens, improving illuminance uniformity, reliable and stable

  • Modular design, multi-angle adjustment, allow wall mounting, pedestal mounting and ceiling mounting

LED Waterproof Outdoor Floodlights applications

For product’s high performance, good stability and reliability, and long lifespan, SANSI lighting products win high evaluation and wide recognition through the globe. With the right expertise, light can be limited to when and where it’s needed – helping home to preserve dark skies, natural rhythms and conservation. We use our expertise to develop outdoor lighting systems that enhance people’s well-being and helping to make people feel safe.