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Smart Street Lighting Solutions for Modern Cities



The complexities of transportation infrastructure mean varying types of illumination are needed to ensure traffic flows smoothly, smart LED street lighting is a sustainable solution for cities across the globe today. SANSI designed and developed the cutting-edge LED street lights infrastructure, now being utilized in public transportation field.

Smart Street Lighting Solutions for Modern Cities

SANSI street lights features:

  • Various optic lens models, offering multiple street lighting solutions.

  • High-quality ceramic heat sink, no PCB, heat dissipation efficiency greatly enhanced.

  • Structural design of air convection, honeycomb and proximal cooling, ensuring fastest heat transmission.

  • Hollow-out structure, effectively reducing wind resistance, making luminaires safer and more reliable.

  • No wire connection between module group and housing, easy assembly and maintenance.

  • Buckle design, free of other tools in field operation, saving time and trouble.

  • Intelligent dimming system, allowing further energy conservation.

Smart Street Lighting Solutions for Modern Cities

For cities and towns, it is essential to ensure that their resources are used with economic efficiency. Cost-efficient lighting in public spaces are necessary for residents in the dark, the night-time illumination of modern or historical architecture to highlight a city’s unique character. SANSI advanced lighting solutions offer municipalities, energy suppliers and companies a wide variety of options. SANSI's key patented ceramic pixel LED technology. Ceramic dissipates heat more efficiently than aluminum and it’s not conductive to electricity allowing LED chips to be molded directly onto the ceramic body. Additionally, we adopted intelligent dimming system, allowing further energy consumption. It dramatically reduce energy consumption by up to 50% compared to traditional lights and lower total cost of ownership.

SANSI has been dedicated to the research and innovation of LED applications since 1993. SANSI lighting products are utilized in tunnels, streets, subways, etc. We believe in developing innovative outdoor LED lighting solutions that improve and enhance people's lives.