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Stay in Control, SANSI Control Room LED Display Solution



Leading corporations, governments, broadcasters, utilities, security and traffic authorities rely on SANSI ultra-fine pitch LED display solutions to monitor their networks, deliver visually stimulating content and drive to quick resolution. Using the highest quality LED displays, we offer a seamless video wall with the benefits of silent running, wide viewing angles, high resolution image.

SANSI Control Room LED Display Solution

Control room operations rely on efficient and accurate assimilation of information to produce timely, decisive action. Our displays are utilized in the most demanding environments to build command and dispatch systems that can help prevent emergencies and mange events. Ultra-fine pitch LED displays leave data and video sources unobstructed. Powerful processing LED technology allow multiple sources to be displayed and configured on the wall.

SANSI ultra-fine pitch LED displays are ideal for deploying solutions that offer picture accuracy, solution flexibility, and data integration for effective monitoring. SANSI ultra-fine pitch LED display features:

Fast installation & seamless assembly, adopting position pins to achieve structural  installation, fast and reliable. 360°cooling design, die-casting aluminum cabinet, 360°convection ventilation design. Revolutionary signal transmission.Avoiding transmission failures caused by traditional signal connectors. Unique CPU processing technology, real-time monitoring on operating status. 2D &3D freely switching. Intelligent software system, timely managing real-time information on operating status and potential failure. SANSI’s control room solutions are engineered to make design, installation and maintenance less expensive, with features like front serviceability and maintenance.

SANSI Control Room LED Display Solution

With the experience of hundreds of successful installations per year of virtually any size, SANSI has industry involvement to be able to fulfill your needs however complicated. We assist you in identifying your needs, clarifying the requirements, tailoring an ideal solution with a wide range of services.