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Three SANSI LED Displays Draws the Eyes in Raffles City



Raffles City is using SANSI LED display as a media carrier which promote a regularly changing offer and promotions to a younger audience. Raffles City is a skyscraper in Shanghai, Its base contains a shopping mall, with the tower devoted to office space.

shopping mall led display

Rotating, wrapped around walls, along storefronts, at center courts or up elevator shafts, LED displays are attracting attention and revenue in retail industry. In the highly competitive market, most retail stores rely on the latest LED technology to stay ahead of the competition. For these projects, SANSI provided three LED displays built with SANSI diodes. A curved LED display was installed in the center of the mall which has a 4mm pixel pitch and measures 2.6’ high by 6’ wide. In addition, another LED display features 4mm pixel pitch was also installed in the the opposite direction. These displays will be used to announce sales events by tenant stores, advertisements, and more.

SANSI LED Displays

In Raffles City Calvin Klein Jeans store also employed SANSI to add an exterior LED display at the entrance of one of its storefronts. This new and unique LED display severs as a dynamic, visual gateway for customers entering and exiting the store. The full color LED display features 16mm pixel pitch and measures 6.9’ high by 12.4 wide. Total 86 ㎡, outdoor LED displays typically have a much wider pixel pitch, with the majority of exterior Raffles displays being 10mm or more. Presence in many retai stores, SANSI LED displays serve many world’s most well-known retail brands including Estee Lanuder, NIKE, Maybeline, MAC, and so on.

Retailers that use large-format LED display in their spaces are connecting consumers to brands in innovative ways, high resolution LED displays, managed and networked remotely, have become staple solutions inside retail locations throughout the globe.