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SANSI LED Displays: A New Era in Advertising



Outdoor advertising screens commonly refer to outdoor LED displays for advertisement applications. That outdoor advertising LED display stands a preponderant proportion in outdoor advertising field has its certain reasons. The popularity of outdoor advertising LED display is due to, on one hand the distinctive advantages of LED display and the great potentials of advertising field on the other hand.

SANSI LED Displays

Generally the larger size outdoor advertising board is, the more eye-catching it can be. Size of outdoor advertising LED displays can be extra-large according to clients’ need. A larger size, a wider viewing angle, more amazing display effect and more shocking to the eyes, together with the exquisite and delicate presentation of details and colors, make outdoor advertising LED display extraordinarily popular among owners and visitors.

Notably, most outdoor advertising LED displays are installed in the crowded streets, bustling business circles and renowned local buildings, which are densely populated and offer great consumptive power. These densely located outdoor advertising LED displays are aimed at passengers of different levels, and form a virtuous circle that promotes the advertising field and promotes the popularity of outdoor advertising LED display in reverse.

SANSI LED Displays

SANSI outdoor LED displays are rugged, IP65 rated solutions that deliver high-resolution images with unequalled brightness and contrast levels. As outdoor LED displays are exposed to the most severe weather conditions, it’s important that their image quality stays constant over time. With excellent product performance, SANSI has made remarkable achievements in Outdoor Advertising LED field and occupied more than 50% market share in New York Times Square.