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Smart Pole System, Lighten Smart City



SANSI smart pole system integrates functions with intelligent LED street lighting, LED display information releases, wireless networks, video surveillance, RFID person/object monitoring, environmental sensor monitoring, electric vehicle charging and emergency call, which will be the future trend of smart city.

SANSI smart pole system

In 2015, SANSI launched its smart pole system and carried out the first batch of smart city projects in Hongze, Jiangsu, China. Hongze, one of the fastest developing area in Jiangsu province. The county is proactively building a smart county, which requires smart neural networks to provide seamless coverage. Thus, smart pole system can be regarded as an important nerve terminal in the vast neural network, which provides diverse services for the smart city, such as video surveillance, digital billboards, and LOT services. SANSI grasped this opportunity to proactively and assisted the government in building the smart city.

SANSI Smart Pole System Functions:

  • 1.Intelligent Transportation:
    SANSI smart pole system integrates traffic guidance, parking instructions, traffic flow, vehicle monitoring, emergency rescue, illegal evidence collection and vehicle networking systems.

  • 2.Safe City:
    SANSI smart pole system monitors the flow of people, people’s safety, security, traffic and can provide early and prompt warnings in emergencies.

  • 3.Intelligent Community:
    SANSI smart pole system has multiple functions such as emergency call for help and emergency information releases, charging electric cars.

  • 4.Intelligent Infrastructure Monitoring:
    Asset tags can be used to detect municipal assets such as kiln covers and trash cans, which prevents municipal assets from being stolen and destroyed.

  • 5.Intelligent multimedia system:
    Multimedia devices loaded on smart pole system can publish public service ads, enterprise advertising videos, various advertisements, convenience service information, etc.

SANSI smart pole system

The purpose of instructing a smart city is to make full use of information and communication technology to sensing, analyzing and integrating the key information of core system of the city, and response intelligently to various needs of people’s livelihood, environmental protection, public security, urban services, industrial and commercial activities, and create a better life for human beings. Therefore, smart pole system will be an important carrier to increase urban efficiency while reducing energy costs in the future.