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A New Performance Standard for LED High Bay Lighting



Consuming less than half the energy of traditional lights, SANSI’s energy-efficient high bay lighting solutions provide improved lighting conditions for manufacturing, logistics/warehousing operations, industrial zones, hazardous facilities, cold storage, and food processing.

Shanghai Maritime University Stadium

Shanghai Maritime University Stadium

Energy savings is a primary driver behind why you should evaluate LED lighting for your facilities, the key ceramic heat dissipation LED technology we adopted dramatically reduce energy costs by up to 50%, improve light quality, and lower total cost of ownership, provide premium performance and versatility. Using ceramic material, LED chps are mounted directly to the ceramic, effectively improved reliability.

SANSI High Bay Highlights:

  • 1.LED chip directly welded to the heat sink, systematic thermal resistance greatly reduced.

  • 2.Overall plastic lamp body, lighter and safer.

  • 3.Full-permeable light body, fast cooling.

  • 4.It has a high luminous efficiency and soft light with the use of Nichia chipLight distribution.

  • 5.Directly through lens, no need for hood matching light.

  • 6.Built-in high efficiency switching power supply with constant current.

  • 7.Dot matrix heat dissipation system, effectively avoiding heat island effect.

Additionally, lighting performance is a critical factor in evaluating the move to a different type of lighting. SANSI LED’s utilize a multi-point design, which provides uniform light on the intended surface very evenly. By connecting to telephone, high bay light can be controlled remotely, we can change the brightness and color temperature intelligently.

Shanghai MOBIS

Shanghai MOBIS

By converting you will see immediate energy savings, decreased frequently of lighting maintenance, and an uptick in overall lighting performance. Since 1993, SANSI has created the best LED high bay lighting solutions for clients across the world: US, UK, Australia, Japan, Shanghai, etc. Today’s lighting landscape is constantly changing, SANSI is always one step ahead in creating newer, more efficient lighting solutions.