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Innovate Your Warehouse with SANSI High Bay Lighting Solution



LED high bay lights provide well distributed and uniform light for open areas. A particular consideration for use with a high bay is if it can light vertical surfaces as well as it can illuminate the floor, or working plane. SANSI LED high bay light sets the industry standard with energy efficiency and durability for the longest-lasting performance in a wide range of industrial applications.

LED high bay light.jpg

To complete, manufacturers and warehouse administrators are looking for new opportunities. They need creative ways to improve operational efficiencies and productivity. SANSI takes the customer’s needs as the starting point for industrial lighting solutions. Our LED high bay light delivers energy consumption, cost saving, and high productivity.

SANSI LED high bay light benefits:

  • LED chip directly welded to the heat sink, systematic thermal resistance greatly reduced

  • Overall plastic lamp body, lighter and safer.

  • Full-permeable light body, fast cooling.

  • It has a high luminous efficiency and soft light with the use of Nichia chip light distribution.

  • Directly through lens, no need for hood matching light

  • Built-in high efficiency switching power supply with constant current.

  • Dot matrix heat dissipation system, effectively avoiding heat island effect.

SANSI LED high bay light.jpg

SANSI adopts ceramic heat sink and cellular convection cooling technology, which have been listed in the 2015 Chinese National Popularization Directory of Key Energy Saving Low-Carbon Technologies. Nonferrous metals are used, and an independent pixel-spread cooling structure allows for efficient heat sink and dissipation technologies. Changing conventional bulbs through the latest LED luminaries is extremely important. LED high bay light delivers better light distribution, visual acuity, color consistency and optical control with less wattage, less waste and longer replacement intervals.

LED lights and systems are a hard core of SANSI LED application products. For products’ high performance, good stability and reliability, and long lifespan, SANSI lighting products and systems win high evaluation and wide recognition in households, business and public transportation field. For 25 years, we are committed to create valuable solutions for our customers, a supportive home for our employees, and a sustainable presence for our environment.