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SANSI Full Spectrum LED Grow Lighting Solutions for Green Farming



LED grow light is one of the most promising types of supplemental lighting for green houses. Featuring full spectrum, ceramic heat dissipation and long life, easy to install, SANSI full-spectrum LED ceramic grow light are suitable for residential indoor farming that includes vegetation, flowering, and full cycle stages.

LED Grow Lighting

SANSI grow lights highlights:

  • Faster and Healthier Growing --- SANSI Full Cycle Grow Light perfectly imitates sunlight, help the plants grow faster (2 weeks make a difference) and better in a healthy way. Good for plants from seeding stage.

  • Easy to Install --- Fits standard E26 socket, just screw into your desk lamp, no special lamp-base necessary. Recommended coverage area up to 2.8 square feet mounted 12”-20” above the plants, lighting time up to 10hrs-12hrs, depends on different plants.

  • Full Spectrum --- Compared with other grow lights, SANSI each led chip mixes all wavelengths. All wavelengths of light can be fully absorbed by plant photosynthesis without any waste like fluorescent. Blue-Ray (400-499nm) is good for taller and healthy leaf. Red-Ray (600-699nm) is good for blooming and fruits. 

  • Great Heat Dissipation and Long Life --- Compared with other grow lights, ceramic body dissipates heat more efficiently than aluminum and is not conductive to electricity, LED chips are placed directly onto the ceramic heat sink, both are designed to control noticeable heat, keep your plants from hurt.

LED Grow Lighting Solutions for Green Farming

LED grow lights are complex lighting apparatus and its performance largely depends on technical specification. With help of LED grow lights in greenhouse, we can artificially increase the period of daylight, providing the most stable and rapid growth of plants.


With over 25 years of extensive experience, SANSI owns approximately 230,000㎡of manufacturing space consisting of three factories, two System Integration Labs and one New-Tech Institute with over 400 R&D engineers and 13 research institutes. SANSI LED encapsulation line is state-of-art. Capacity has increased to 200,000,000 chips, 100,000㎡ LED display and 1,000,000 sets LED lighting annually. In short, we have industry involvement to be able to fulfill your project needs. Notably, SANSI LED tunnel light occupied 70% market share while LED subway light occupied 50% market share in China. Even more remarkably, over 60% of VMS are currently utilized in highway construction. From large scale outdoor advertising to channel letters to tollways, SANSI exported its products to more than 30 countries across United States, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and so on, making its largest display network worldwide.


Company Name: Shanghai Sansi Electronics Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Contact Person: Amy Gong


Phone: +86 2154883434

Country: China


Source: Shanghai Sansi Electronics Engineering Co.,Ltd.