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Advanced High Bay Lighting Solutions for Warehouse Facilities



LED high bay light is a lighting fixture that we would find in a factory, warehouse, or any large open ares. Recently, SANSI completed a lighting project in South American. By designing and installing Sansi’s 90-watt CO820-LC high bay lights for the site, the energy consumption for this gas station has been kept at a rather low level since its construction.

the energy consumption light

With a fashion and easy hollow-carved design, combining lines and arcs perfectly, SANSI high bay light has a high efficiency and soft light with the use of Nichia chip, making it an ideal for warehouses, stations, factories, etc. SANSI high bay lights are suitable replacements for traditional high bay lights with an energy saving potential of up to 50%. Energy saving is a primary driver behind why you should evaluate LED lighting for your large facilities. Featuring brighter light output, long lifespan and energy efficient, the effect of SANSI LED high bay light is extraordinary.

Products Highlights:

  • LED chip directly welded to the heat sink, systematic thermal resistance greatly reduced

  • Overall plastic lamp body, lighter and safer.

  • Full-permeable light body, fast cooling.

  • It has a high luminous efficiency and soft light with the use of Nichia chip Light distribution.

  • directly through lens, no need for hood matching light

  • Built-in high efficiency switching power supply with constant current.

  • Dot matrix heat dissipation system, effectively avoiding heat island effect.

LED high bay light

Comparing with High Pressure Sodium Lights in the same luminous efficacy, SANSI LED lights save 8,445,600  watt of electricity, reduce cost up to 7,610,000 RMB, lower coal emissions to 3378.24 tons and also reduce 8420.27 tons CO2 emissions. SANSI is the industry leader with recognized expertise in the development, manufacture and sale of innovative, energy-efficient LED lighting solutions, systems, and services.