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SANSI LED Security Lights for Outdoor Residential Security



Security lighting is one of the most effective ways to keep people’s properties well-lit day and night. SANSI smart security light is an integrated outdoor security solution for residential commercial, parking and storage applications.

Security lighting.png

With a wide detection range, flexible twin head structure and brighter light output, the automatic security light using the latest energy efficient LED technology for longer life.

Products highlights:

  • Patented ceramic heat sink technology

  • Easy to install with adjustable twin head

  • Wide detection range and brighter light output

  • Independent cooling of electrical cavity, long lifespan

SANSI smart security light.png

The key patented LED technology we adopted is ceramic heat sink and cellular convection cooling technology, which have been listed in the 2015 Chinese National Popularization Directory of Key Energy Saving Low-Carbon Technologies (refer to No. 173 in the energy saving part of 2015). Nonferrous metals are used, and an independent pixel-spread cooling structure allows for efficient heat sink and dissipation technologies.

Lighting is the most significant element of any of security elements for house. Many householders have now realised the benefits that security lighting can bring in the fight to keep their homes and families secure. Aiming to provide the most effective LED security lighting solution for householders, SANSI will continue to invest most in research and development.