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Shanghai SANSI Becomes the First Batch to be Certificated by “Shanghai Brand”



Shanghai SANSI’s position as a global leader in LED display and LED lighting received further confirmation recently with the company winning “Shanghai Brand” certificate. Total 53 enterprises became the first batch to be certificated by “Shanghai Brand” including Shanghai Construction Group, China First Pencil Co Ltd, Shanghai No.1 National Musical Instruments Factory etc.

The certification is classified as Shanghai services, Shanghai manufacturing, Shanghai shopping and Shanghai culture. SANSI is honored to received Shanghai manufacturing. Receiving such accolades from certification agencies, underscores SANSI is committed to pioneering cutting-edge LED display and LED lighting solutions.

Shanghai Brand.png

"The 'Shanghai brand' meets standards like self-innovation, excellent quality, refined management, leading brands and social responsibility," said Huang Xiaolu, director of the Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau. Shanghai Brand honor the most innovative manufacturer on the market, we are dedicated to advancing solid sate LED solutions for 25 years.

Founded in 1993, SANSI has been recognized as one of the largest global LED manufacturer with over 25 years’ extensive experience and creatively engineered LED solutions. In 2017, the impressive Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge lighting project completed by SANSI, illuminating three cities. SANSI’s lighting solution proved  its flexibility in illuminating bridge and undersea tunnels, which becomes another project standard in industry. Demonstrating industry leadership and innovative technologies at home and abroad, total 6000㎡displays at 20 Times Square offered by SANSI occupied 50% market share for several years. Additionally, SANY, Chongqing Jiefangbei and numbers of Chinese retails utilized SANSI retail LED display for shops this year. Even more remarkably, 60% of traffic variable message signs customized-manufactured by SANSI are currently utilized China highway construction. In 2015, we launched smart pole system and carried out the first batch of smart city projects in Hongze, Jiangsu province, etc.

XU kunlin speech.png

Innovative, Sustainable, Committed are our guiding principles. SANSI’s great strengths lies in research and development. We aim to create valuable LED solutions for our customers, a supportive home for our employees, and a sustainable presence for our environment.