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Bailian YouYiCheng Shopping Mall, Shanghai, China



Bailian YouYiCheng, a unique entertainment and shopping center in Wujiaochang, is directly face to Wanda Plaza. Recently, another LED spectacular was installed by SANSI for the shopping mall. The vibrant display is 18.96m tall by 46.08m wide, it total includes 873.68 ㎡ LED. Outdoor 16.66mm pixel pitch of the screen ensures supreme image quality and vivid video display.

Outdoor 16.66mm pixel pitch.jpg

One great aspect of the project is the curved display that wraps around the building from the bottom to the top and stands out against the sky. As one of the landmarks within the area, the attention to the LED display during the installation was extraordinary. In fact, it increases footfall after implementing this advertising media. SANSI employs latest LED technology include new signal transmission technology, seamless mounting and 3D interaction, which solves the problem of signal transmission failure, ensure the flexibility of displayed images. Additionally, the whole display system can be intelligent controlled. The surface-mount device technology, where the LEDs in each pixel are packaging together, allowing an amazing visual experience to pedestrians. Up to now, SANSI has completed hundreds of LED projects for Shanghai shopping malls include Grand Gateway 66, Lansheng Building, Dragon Dream Shopping Center etc. We will continue to provide an industry-leading array of interior and exterior LED products for advertising and marketing industry.

Outdoor pixel pitch.jpg