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The Smart Way to Build Smart Cities for Citizens



Smart city is an urban area that uses different types of electronic data sensors to supply information which is used to manage assets and resources efficiently. Smart street light take the improvement of lighting comfortable, humanized and intelligence as a start point, support by LED lighting, information collection, transmission, dissemination, data processing and the technology of implementation control, in combination with the operation mode as the main body, to become an important carrier and terminal system of future intelligent community and smart city.

Smart street light can increase urban efficiency while reducing energy costs. Thus smart street lights have play an important role in urban safety, energy conservation, and city construction, etc.

Smart Pole System

SANSI smart lighting solution highlights:

  • StarRiver control software system: StarRiver is an own-developed software , relying on cloud platform, realize the three grade monitoring: point (wisdom street) - line (road) - surface (city) to achieve screen control, light control, data collection and linkage unity.

  • Eight functions include sensors, video monitoring, RFID, emergency call, intelligent lighting, wireless network, information display, and charging pile. We make full use of the information and communication technologies to provide intelligence response to people’s various needs.

  • SANSI smart light application layer: application layer - the joint operation mode of environment sensing, CPS fusion processing, data analysis and mining. network layer - based on Ethernet standard protocol, combination of EPON, 3G/4G, WIFI, Zigbee and other technology integration. Terminal layer - unified terminal equipment agreement to realization the underlying interconnection.

Smart Pole System

The purpose of instructing an smart city is to “make full use of information and communication technology to sensing, analyzing and integrating the key information of core system of the city, and response intelligent to various needs of people’s livelihood, environmental protection, public security, urban services, industrial and commercial activities, and create a better life for human beings”. SANSI actively undertakes social responsibility and promotes intelligent life by introducing Smart System and providing intelligent management system solution such as community monitoring, factory monitoring, road monitoring and key population monitoring. We’d like to provide the most cost-effective smart street light solution for city management and aim to build the largest smart pole system network in the future.