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SANSI Customized LED Display Solutions for Unique Projects Needs



With the development of advertising industry, retails and shops need more  customized LED displays featuring variable shape, eye-catching design and creative decorations. SANSI aims to provide alternative LED display solutions shine with industry-leading features and high performance in diverse markets.

Customized LED Display

With its high brightness and enhanced durability, SANSI LED display maximizes the effectiveness of advertisements by delivering dynamic content in indoor and outdoor environment. SANSI’s cutting-edge LED technology ensures perfect display performance across the entire operating time, regardless of shape, size or colour.

Ultimate system reliability

Total quality management techniques in manufacturing as well as creative design ensures a high quality product. The mature contest software ensures stable and reliable performance of the whole system.

New revolutionary LED technology

New signal transmission technology is used to ensure the security and stability, which solves the problem of traditional signal transmission. Unique gray scale processing technology provide supreme image quality, Additionally, seamless mounting installation allows big flexibility of displayed images. Also,it can be switch freely between 2D and 3D. High definition is achieved by image quality enhancing technology.

A complete display solution

SANSI is committed to customize solutions for unique application from designing to manufacturing and installation. Involved with commercial fields, public transportation, monitoring centers, education and healthcare , we give a turkey solution for project satisfaction.

Customized LED Display

SANSI’s flexibility starts at offering project satisfaction and create new possibilities. With over 25 years’ extensive experience in LED industry, we are able to develop creative LED display solutions to meet with any requirements of large scale projects.