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SANSI Smart Pole System for Smart Cities



Smart pole system is a new solution for city management today. With the development of wisdom IOT(Internet of Things), SANSI actively undertakes social responsibility and promotes intelligent life by introducing Smart System represented by Smart Pole System and providing intelligent management system solution such as community monitoring, factory monitoring, road monitoring and key population monitoring.

Smart pole system

As an intelligent lighting control system that has to light up and function seamlessly, it provides safer traffic conditions, safer pedestrian environment and a great improvement of commercial output. Our smart street lighting system is basically an intelligent system which designed that street lights automatically displays all states of climate, traffic information, emergency situations, air pollution, noise level and so on. Additionally, it is equipped with a charging pile for electric cars and bicycles. And relying on the ability of video monitoring, it can monitor all dangerous conditions for pedestrians. At the same time, the emergency call will be started to contact with the monitoring center. Also, RFID function ensures special population monitoring and manhole monitoring. SANSI ceramic street light features simplified curved structure, high quality aluminum material, and intelligent dimming control system, achieving secondary level energy saving. SANSI intelligent control software system StarRiver, relying on cloud platform, effectively realized three grade monitoring.

Smart pole system

Smart pole system is a cost effective, practical, eco-friendly solution to save energy for cities. As well as improving the quality of human life, we make full use of communication technologies to provide intelligent responses to the various needs of people’s livelihood, environmental protection, and industrial activities.