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SANSI Retail LED Display for Attracting Stores



Retail LED displays are one of the most cost-effective advertising media for stores today, they can increase retail brand awareness by 90% when compared to traditional signs. SANSI VW series change offers and convey information to customers at the first time, which enhances stores first point of customer contact.

Retail LED displays

As a frequently overlooked weapon in the battle for high street, retail LED display can help shop stand out from the crowd with dynamic and effective advertising. With retail LED display, the store has the opportunity to significantly increase purchasing decisions.

SANSI’s complete solution ensures the stable and reliable performance of the whole system. Additionally, the transmission method is secure. Compared to traditional ones, seamless installation meet with the demands of large-scale sites.

Features of SANSI retail LED display:

  • Ultra-Slim:54 mm thickness,greatly saving installation space.

  • Wall-Mounted Structure:No other extra structure needed.

  • Simple Front Access:All components accessible from the front,user friendly.

  • Flexible Assembling:Seamless connection for any size you need.

  • High Refresh Rate:Minimum 1920 Hz refresh rate,smooth video and consistent image displaying.

  • Pixel-Level Calibration:Self-developed calibration technology,also compatible with 3rd party calibration base on clients' need.

Retail LED displays

We thrive on finding the right display solutions for customers. Top to bottom, we’re known for exceeding customer expectations. Presence in many countries around the globe, SANSI sincerely serve world’s most well-known retail brands include Estee Lauder, NIKE, Maybelline, and so on.