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SANSI Intelligent Traffic System - Variable Message Signs



SANSI variable message signs offer a highly configurable, adaptable and flexible solution in a wide variety of different situations. Using on highways to provide drivers with real-time traffic updates, roadwork warnings, and other safety-related information, it guides the whole road network to operate regularly.

variable message signs

  • Outstanding optical performance
    SANSI optic lens adopts unique structure design strictly keeps the light in 1°-5°, which improves the light use efficiency. Compared to traditional lens, the smooth surface of SANSI lens enable a better color mix of LED.

  • Superior cabinet structure
    Variable message sign has a spaying treatment with black material to reduce the sunlight reflection and increase the contrast ratio.The edge-free design keeps the module from being easily covered by snow or dust.

  • Excellent heat dissipation
    The cabinet adopts double-layered door design, which effectively ensure the good heat dissipation.

  • Advanced control system
    High reliability control software, the functions include abnormal status alert, accurate failure location, remote centralized monitoring.

variable message signs

All the LEDS’s panels are installed on the variable message signs are manufactured to the highest standards by SANSI with 25 years’ experience. SANSI patent lens improve the performance of high-brightness chips and lower sunlight reflection. Our variable message signs are in compliance with EN12966 European standard.

Innovative, sustainable, committed. SANSI aims to offer high quality variable message signs at the highest standards. From customized analysis to post-sale technical support, we are here to create an effective LED solution for your unique project needs.