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Designing Spectacular and Creative LED Display for Diverse Markets



SANSI customized LED display solutions serve many customers in diverse markets with a value-added and media-rich displays. Our flexible, light weight, and energy efficient modules can add up to create the LED solution that our clients’ desire.

customized LED display

Atmosphere and ambiance are key factors for today’s advertising. High quality, high resolution, life-like, interactive LED display will create an unforgettable visit. We tailored make display in different dimensions, unique designs, and smartly calculated pitches to produce reliable solution, which easy to install, and perform consistently well in a wide variety of environments. Providing complete state-of-art software and hardware, SANSI customized LED solutions are design to fit your needs.

customized LED display

The key advantages of SANSI LED display solutions:

  • Simplified cabinet structure, convection ventilation design to avoid heat congregation, high reliability.

  • No flickering and can be intelligently adjusted. Supreme image quality and superior contrast image reproduction capacities.

  • An advanced full-service, turnkey solutions equipped with own-developed system. Stable and reliable.

  • Creative and customized design leaves an impression of amazingly noble and elegant design of art.

We will guide clients through every aspect of their projects from initial concept, customized analysis, creative design, production, om site installation and training, to service and technical maintenance. With over 25 years of extensive experience, we have industry involvement to be able to fulfill clients’ project needs.