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Effectiveness of SANSI Variable Message Signs



VMS can be an effectiveness tool in route guidance and can increase drivers’ safety awareness by providing warning messages about the traffic conditions on the road. The versatility of VMSs makes them suitable for a variety of situations including emergencies, construction and road closures. Additionally, it can be used in cities to communicate events and activities.

variable message signs

Features of SANSI variable message signs:

  • B6,L3,C2,R3,T1&T3

  • Protocols: Profibus、TCP/IP、NTCIP、Modbus

  • Excellent lens structure: less sunshine reflection, higher

  • contrast ratio

  • Edge-free design: prevent snow and dust, ensure display

  • performance

  • Unique matt surface cabinet, higher contrast ratio

  • Double-layered cabinet door, ensure heat insulation

  • Auto-inspection system: pixel failure detection,

  • power supply failure check, and thunder-proof check

  • Fan-less design, low noise, low failure rate

  • N+1 back-up power supply, higher reliability

variable message signs

Using the latest LED technology and high quality optic lens, SANSI VMS can be long-time exposed in outdoor environment and suffer from sun exposure, rain and snow, even typhoon or sand storm. Meet EN12966 standards, it has high values beyond expectations by featuring L3 high brightness, excellent R3 contrast ratio and IP65. It also lowers the power consumption to the lowest, reduce the heat dissipation and improve reliability.