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SANSI LED Displays for an Extravaganza of Experiences



LED display has become a growing segment of global economy and serves as a cost-effective way of posting messages, targeting potential visitors, building and impacting corporate brands in a versatile application environments. SANSI LED display solutions add aesthetic value to indoor and outdoor environments featuring flexible, high quality, and energy efficient modules etc.

outdoor led display

SANSI LED display solutions serves many customers in diverse markets with a value-added solution that begins with understanding your needs and assisting you in selecting the right product. By providing our customers with a spectacular experience, LED displays features revolutionary signal transmission, seamless assembly and unique CPU technology and entice them to stay longer.

Creative LED display solutions to fit customers’ needs

We’re committed to customize solutions for your unique application from designing to manufacturing and installation. Involved with commercial fields, public transportation, monitoring centers, education and healthcare etc, we aim to offer total project satisfaction. SANSI LED display represent best-in-class image performance tailored to the unique needs of applications.

Commitment to offer unique LED display

SANSI’s LED display features high quality, high performance and high-definition. Die-casting aluminum cabinet, 360°convection ventilation design. The revolutionary signal transmission to avoid transmission failures caused by traditional signal connectors. The key feature is the distributed multi-core CPU processing technology, each module equipped with one CPU, the speed increased by 8 times. We adopt intelligent monitoring software to timely manage real-time information on operating status and potential failure.

Tailor-made solutions

SANSI offers configurable, modular, and option-rich products to satisfy unique requirements. With superior image quality, the LED display can show dynamic content by video. The excellent visuals make the LED display an ideal choice for products promotion. Utilize mounting, processing and professional services for perfect installation.

SANSI’s LED display

At every stage of the project, we will be on your side from cover to cover whatever the weight, size, access, project planning or permits. We have industry involvement to be able to fulfill your needs how complicated, whatever the size, venue or environment.