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SANSI Smart Pole System to Bring Improved Connectivity to Citizens



Smart pole system is defined as one of city management devices, which taking the improvement of lighting comfortable, humanized and intelligence as a start point, support by LED lighting, information collection, transmission, dissemination, data processing and the technology of implementation control, in combination with the operation mode as the main body, to become an important carrier and terminal system of future intelligent community and intelligent city.

As a fully integrated lighting system that connects information and communication technology between multiple parties through the use of real system , data, and sensors.

Smart pole system

SANSI’s smart pole system is certificated by the National Lighting Test Center and has been recognized by China Illuminating Engineering Society as an internationally advanced system.


Eight functions of smart pole system:


    Monitoring cities’ environment  Noise sensor  Air pollution detector Temperature/humidity sensor    Brightness sensor   Monitoring municipal buildings

Intelligent lighting:

               Cellular cooling technology  Light distribution based on brightness

               Intelligent single lamp   A variety of optional module design

Video monitoring:

               Security monitoring Vehicle monitoring

Wireless network:

               WIFI hotpot


               Special populations monitoring  Manhole monitoring

               Community security monitoring  Municipal facilities monitoring

Information display:

               Advertising     Political news     Information release

Emergency call:

                Field contact with the monitoring center     

Active broadcast from the monitoring center to field

Charging pile:

                Electric car     Electric bicycle

Smart pole system

Smart pole system helps cities save energy, lower costs, reduce maintenance. The control system of SANSI smart pole system is Star River Server developed by SANSI. Star River Server ensures the stable and reliable performance of the whole system and can intelligently control the LED lights to turn and off, dim and more, also display the real-time status of the city information.

With digital networks and embedded sensors, they collect and transmit information that help cities monitor and respond to any circumstance, from traffic and air quality to crowds and noise.


Smart pole systemis a focus for urban innovation as lighting networks become a platform for a range of smart city applications to enhance public safety, traffic management, health, comfort, and more.

For products’ high performance, good stability and reliability, and long lifespan, SANSI smart pole system win high evaluation and wide recognition at home and abroad. The purpose of instructing a smart city is to “make full use of information and communication technology to sensing, analyzing and integrating the key information of core system of the city”. Smart pole system, as an important terminal system of future community, are making cities more livable,resilient, economically sound and sustainable.