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SANSI’s Creative LED Solutions for Outdoor Environments



LED displays serve as a key information channel to improve daily life from media advertising and sports stadiums to governments and transportation. With its high brightness, enhanced durability, and global service network, SANSI LED display maximizes the effectiveness of advertisements by delivering rich, dynamic content.


SANSI’s outdoor displays offer the best viewing experience with high quality, high performance and optimal color. Their high-resolution and bezel-free displays mean that nothing gets in the way of the message.
SANSI XL series key features include:
High brightness, low power consumption.
IP65 front and IP65 rear.
Support front and rear maintenance, for easy installation.
Various installation methods, such as wall-mount, hanging and stacking.
Fan design, ensuring good cooling effect.
High reliability of communication:Unique internal signal connection, ensuring effective failover if one module fails. Loop communication backup, effectively preventing certain signal failure from affecting the whole operation of the system.
Adopt point-by-point calibration technology, true color presenting.
High refresh rate, making for excellent image consistency.
Uniform color presenting, high contrast and high clarity.
Real-time, synchronous display of information, such as text, picture, video.


Fully engineered and manufactured by SANSI, they are the cutting-edge in LED display technology and design quality. An extremely stringent selection of LED components together with SANSI’s extensive experience in image processing and generation guarantees ultimate picture quality, uniformity and cost of ownership.
LED displays in high-traffic areas changing the face of our public spaces. SANSI is one of the forefront of these trends with awarding-winning display offerings that are designed for the rigors of public installations. Configuration flexibility, serviceability, and reliability make SANSI the benchmark for specialty, LED displays and systems. SANSI displays are ideally suited for countless applications- from sport stadiums, outdoor advertising to public transportation etc.