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SANSI Variable Message Signs Offer the Complete Solution for Traffic Management



VMS, as one such important elements of dynamic traffic management system, functionality has been undergoing massive expansion-both in terms of depth and scope. With built long life LED technology, VMS series improves the visibility in all types of weather and offers a highly configurable, adaptable and flexible solution in a wide variety of different situations.

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Meeting EN12966 standards, SANSI VMS provide brilliant legibility, efficient use of energy and an excellent luminance ratio for traffic guidance. It lowers the power consumption to the lowest, reduce the heat dissipation, and improve reliability.

Product Features of SANSI Variable Message Signs:
B6, L3, C2, R3, T1&T3
Protocols: NTCIP, EN12966
Excellent lens structure: less sunshine reflection, higher contrast ratio
Edge-free design: prevent snow and dust, ensure display performance
Unique matt surface cabinet, higher contrast ratio
Double-layered cabinet door, ensure heat insulation
Auto-inspection system: pixel failure detection, power supply failure check, and thunder-proof check
Fan-less design, low noise, low failure rate
N+1 back-up power supply, higher reliability

The unique surface structure of SANSI lens absorbs the sun light to a great extent, which eliminates the interference of sun light while keeping the performance of LED. Compared to traditional lens, SANSI lens enables a better color mix of LED and enhances contrast ratio. In addition, SANSI lens is made of high quality anti-UV material, to avoid cracks on the lens and prevent the lens from turning yellow even under long-time sun light exposure. Also, the superior cabinet (double-layered design) surface has a unique matt treatment to reduce the sunlight reflection, which ensures excellent display performance. The edge-free design keeps the module from being easily covered by snow or dust in outdoor application.


VMS plays a huge role in improving the traffic safety, as it is an important source of information for the driver about construction work, speed limit or any important information that requires to be communicated, thanks to their clarity and legibility. In short, it has been more and more important in the construction of intelligent traffic management. Being a leading and innovative player in Chinese highway display industry, SANSI variable message signs currently occupied over 60% market share and also exported to countries and regions globally. From Saudi Arabia to Northern America, SANSI VMS always has excellent display performance.