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SANSI LED Lighting Enhance the Learning Environment for Students in Education



Educational establishments fulfill a vital role in the growth of society and economics in national construction. All schools rely on lighting to provide an effective learning environment, which is one of the most important facilities in classrooms for students. Cost-effective LED lighting can help students feel safe and concentrate more on classes during the process of learning.

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The visual environment affects a learner’s ability to perceive visual stimuli and affects his mental performance in class. The results showed that study performance improved significantly with increasing illuminance. LED have become the best energy-saving sources features long-lasting, reliable and a comfortable white light, which is essential for secure uniform lighting.
With using SANSI patented reflective LED illumination technology, SANSI classroom lighting offers uniform and evenly distributed light, thus lighting comfortability, uniformity and efficiency are much secured.
Product Features:
Patented Reflective LED Illumination technology with good lighting efficacy.
Simplified layout, front accessible.
No flicker, uniform, comfortable and healthy Illumination.
Hot swapping power wire, ensuring quick maintenance.
Integrated heat dissipating technology, guaranteeing long service life.
Intelligent dimming system, allowing further energy conservation.
No blue light hazard

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Lighting of a school should be considered as an active element of the total education environment. SANSI LED lighting creates inviting outdoor areas and indoor spaces that inspire concentration and focus to support the educational objectives for the future by reducing costs, increasing safety, strengthening school’s reputation. For products’ high performance, good stability and reliability, and long lifespan, SANSI lighting products win high evaluation and wide recognition in education field.