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SANSI LED Displays Enhance Schools Safety and Encourage School Spirit



LED displays are the future of large-area display market. Their scale, durability, energy efficiency and ability to produce eye-catching video make them integral to the experience in indoor and outdoor locations. As part of educational facilities, LED displays play a more important role in the development of children’s school life.
The internationally top class quality can be seen from SANSI LED display’s user-friendly design, outstanding display and high brightness as well as vivid images and videos. Having an SANSI LED display placed outside the schools is a efficient solution that helps students during emergency situations.

led display.jpg

The features of SANSI outdoor fixed LED display:
High Contrast Ratio: Entire Black package SMD, more than 3000:1 contrast ratio, clearer and more natural image displaying.
Multifunctional Module Buckle Design: Easily adjusting gaps between module and cabinet, ensuring smoothness and alignment of LED face.
Unique CPU Processing Technology: Automatically saving calibration data, not needing to re-adjust after replacing the module.
Automatically detecting operating status, fault location and any potential risks.
Independent Internal Connection: Independent connection between control board and modules. Single module failure not impacting others.
Intelligent Software System: Intelligent control and player system by cloud technology. Timely managing real-time information on operating status and potential fault.

led display screen.jpg

Used in combination with SANSI innovative product design and own developed system, the displays in schools dynamically display all activities in time and keep parents, teachers and students informed at all times. With creating a connected school community, LED displays are not only just promote student activities, but also increase awareness of upcoming events.
The education cause is bound up with the prosperity of our country, and it must meets the requirements of our country’s economic development. SANSI has been dedicated to the research and innovation of LED applications in education fields over 25 years, classic cases include: Macau University of Science and Technology Stadium, Texas Rice University Stadium, and Alabama Auburn University Stadium etc.