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SANSI LED Tunnel Lighting, Create Efficient and Livable Cities



Tunnels are semi-closed structure where sunlight can not shine. To ensure the lighting environment, LED tunnel lighting is an indispensable part of road lighting project. There are five functions of LED tunnel lights: reduce costs, optimize operations, improve safety, enhance experience.
Designed specifically for LED lighting, tunnel lighting lets you maximize visibility, safety and a great driver experience along the length of the tunnel.

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Regular tunnel lighting means the basic lighting that is required in a road tunnel to ensure safe driving, including LED tunnel lighting fixtures, dimming equipment and intelligent control system. Emergency lighting is a lighting facility that is prepared for emergencies when the regular lighting is out of work. Special lighting is for special lighting purposes, such as the lighting to eliminate the white whole effect at the exit and the black whole effect at the entrance.  

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Tunnel lighting benefits at a glance:
Unique aesthetic looking LED retrofits for variety decorative style fixtures
Patented heat sink technology optimizes thermal management
Precise optical design, glare deduced, none light pollution
Light-weight, easy installation and maintenance
SANSI, a renowned LED lighting manufacturer China, has developed various types of LED tunnel lights to fit with different lighting conditions. Until now, SANSI LED tunnel light occupied 70% market share while LED subway light occupied 50% market share in China. Even more remarkably, over 60% of VMS are currently utilized in highway construction. With state-of the-art LED lighting and simple controls, the road is brightly lit and the lighting is easily managed.