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SANSI Television Studio LED Display Solution



We don’t feel strange that LED screens are utilized in television studios nowadays. As a matter of fact, the LED screen has been an indispensable and useful tool for recording programs and broadcasting news. Normally television rooms have limited space. In a so small room, display effect appears particularly important, thus ultra-fine pitch LED displays are usually adopted.

led display.jpg

The most important requirement for television studio LED displays are clarity and high definition. An ultra HD LED display is much welcomed for its detailed and vivid delivery of images and videos. Besides real-time conversion to live broadcast, interviews and videos frequently happen in television studios, which sets higher standard for the control system of television studio LED display. An excellent LED display control system can be easily operated and securely managed. Confidential items should also be take into account. 

led screen.jpg

Professionalization of television studio LED displays is what clients commonly ask for. SANSI, as a China professional LED display manufacturer, is committed to customize solutions for customers’ unique application. When designing television studio LED displays, a list of problems should be considered in advance. How many LED displays are needed all together? In which position to place a large LED screen? How to do permutation and combination? How to guarantee the natural transition of images and videos? With over 25 years of extensive experience, we have industry involvement to be able to fulfill your needs however complicated, whatever the size, colour, curvature, venue, interaction, environment or interface. 

In total, television studio LED display is a professional and technology-intensive LED application product that requires abundant research background and technical strength. A well-known brand with decades of experience like SANSI can avoid much trouble and benefit clients in the long run.