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SANSI LED Retail Display for Best Retail Presentation



To combat the increasing popularity of online shopping, retail developers must constantly improve their environments and experiences. Using SANSI LED display signage, they can deliver custom digital visulisations of merchandising or promotions for the fraction of the cost of other solutions. 

LED retail display.jpg

Recently, SANSI custom-manufactured the LED retail display for one of the most famous store -LENSCRAFTERS in Shanghai. Unveiled at the Shanghai International Financial Center. Such a shopping accessory to create loyal and profitable consumer relationships through fabulous contents. SANSI helped retailers that use large-format LED displays in their spaces are connecting consumers to brands in innovative ways, creating buzz, and cashing in on sustainable revenues. 

retail display.jpg

Shoppers don’t want to feel like they’re just a number, SANSI displays attract shoppers inviting a personalized shopping experience. Another LED retail display manufactured by SANSI was installed in Duty-Free store, Hainan province. Featuring a 4mm pixel pith, meaning the center of each pixel is only 4mm from the center of an adjacent pixel. The project employs SANSI new VW series.

Product Features:

Custom displaying size with 16:9 ratio

Front & rear maintenance structure, wall-mounted installation structure

57mm Ultra-thin design, saving space

16 bits, 3840 Hz refresh rate

It is ideal for shopping malls, airports,hotels or cinema's where a combination of resolution, brightness, manoeuvrability and ease of udating is a must.

More and more retails are realizing that this isn’t just a sign package, it is a revenue stream. SANSI helped create the market standard for multiple digital format networks.