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Characters of LED Subway Lighting Control System



Intelligent lighting control system is composed of control unit, executive unit, monitoring unit and network unit. It is an intelligently controlled system to regulate the lighting environment and the LED lights so as to meet different lighting needs. In recent years, subway lighting has gone through great change and become increasingly popular, this is one reason for which is the high plasticity of intelligent lighting control system of LED subway lighting. 

led subway lighting.jpg

LED subway lighting control system are characterized with the following advantages:

1.Diverse Control Methods.

Subway lighting control systems typically provide the ability to automatically adjust a lighting device's output. The control methods of LED subway lighting control system can be manual control, light control, scene control, centralized control and so on. 

2.Control Module

Control module of LED subway lighting control system is a standard design with a small size and no control box is needed. Lighting control systems serve to provide the right amount of light where and when it is needed.

3.Module Structure

When failure of a module happens, it won’t affect the right function of others. The module an be maintenance separately.

4.Intelligent Control 

At the exit and entrance of underground metro station and ground station, light sensors are installed to intelligently control the On/ Off of the lights according to degree of natural light illumination.  

subway lighting.png

As an intelligent network based lighting control solution that incorporates communication between various system inputs and outputs related to lighting control with the use of one or more central computing devices, SANSI LED subway lighting control systems are widely used on both indoor and outdoor lighting of commercial, industrial, and residential spaces.