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SANSI Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions



Socialization degree unceasingly enhancing, along with China’s urbanization advancement, traditional economic development pattern that focuses on developing energy-intensive and highly polluted industry has been abandoned and a greener way of development becomes the inevitable trend. That’s when LED lighting applications start to catch people’s attention. 

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Application of SANSI lighting in Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, does not simply mean the end of traditional lighting. In a broader sense, LED street light presents a concept that the only right way of development is to balance the economic outcome with social and environmental effects. With adopting ceramic heat sink and cellular convention cooling technology, SANSI LED street lights are capble of operating with bridge vibrations, sea-salted foggy environments, pressure, and corrosion. Features of SANSI LED street light are:

Product features: 

1.PCB Free LED chips are placed directly onto the ceramic body, omitting the need for both PC boards and thermally conductive adhesives.

2.Faster Cooling Structural design of air convection, honeycomb and proximal cooling. 

3.High Security Hollow-out structure, effectively reducing wind resistance, making luminaries safer and more reliable.

4.Convenient Maintenance Modular design, no wire connection between module group and housing, easy assembly and maintenance.

5.Secondary Regulation Energy-economizing Intelligent dimming system, allowing further energy conservation.


Main roads and secondary main roads, urban expressways, parking lots, etc

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With providing complete LED display solutions, LED lighting solutions and fully-integrated Smart Pole System solution, SANSI enables multiple parties to benefit from an improved level of cost-effective, timely and reliable solutions. Whatever the weight, size, access, project planning or permits, we have creative solutions to ensure a smooth experience.