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SANSI Smart Pole System for Smart City



What is LED Smart Pole System?

SANSI smart pole system is a fully integrated lighting system that connects information and communication technology between multiple parties through the use of real-time systems, data and sensors,  making it easier for cities and individuals to customize a smarter and more efficient city. Our lighting systems will help improve efficiency between multiple parties that include municipalities, private entities, law enforcement, transportation grids, schools and libraries. 

Why is SANSI LED Smart Pole System ? 

The purpose behind LED smart pole system application is to make life on the road easier and safer. We make full use of the information and communication technologies to achieve remote and overall control and management of the road lights, thus making intelligent responses and decisions concerning every aspect of our life including people’s livelihood, environment protection and industrial and commercial activities. 

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How SANSI realized Smart Pole System Network in China?

With the development of wisdom IOT (Internet of Things), SANSI actively undertakes social responsibility and promotes intelligent life by introducing Smart System and providing intelligent management system solution such as community monitoring, factory monitoring, road monitoring and key population monitoring. Until now, SANSI has undertaken 11 LED smart pole system projects in China, among which the Hongze project where 3,000 LED smart road lights have been installed is the first massive application case in China. Our project sites include Shnaghai, Fuyang District in Hangzhou, G20 site in Hangzhou, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Anhui and etc. In the future, SANSI will keep working and popularizing LED smart pole system in a wider range. 

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