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SANSI 360° LED Retail Display in Redstar Macalline



Redstar Macalline project made by SANSI attracts much new shoppers to retail stores. Featuring a fashion and easy curved design and combining lines and arcs perfectly incorporating state-of the-art LED technology, the displays have received numerous recognition for creativity and innovation.

led display.jpg

The Macalline project includes two parts. First of all, the 360°display consists of a drum incorporating several red, green, and blue LED modules wrapped around the elevator from the bottom to the top. Besides, the ribbon displays close to the elevator are lined up in the mall center, making it a visual feast for shoppers. The Macalline project employed VW series LED display by using SMD technology. Remarkably,  features of VW LED retail display customized by SANSI are:

Custom displaying size with 16:9 ratio

Front & rear maintenance, wall-mounted and ground-mounted

57mm Ultra-thin design & Ultra-light cabinet

16 bits high grayscale, 3840 Hz refresh rate

4000 : 1 High contrast ratio 

160° Viewing angle

SANSI VW series can be applied to shopping centers, retail store fronts, outlet and lifestyle centers etc.

LED display 1.jpg

Retailers that use large-format LED display in their stores are connecting consumers to brands in innovative ways, creating buzz, and attract new retailers. Notably, 90% of purchasing decisions influenced by visual factors. That’s the reason why is SANSI LED display an ideal choice for projects. With early 25 years of experience providing product design and business philosophy, we created long-lasting partnership with our customers.