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Why is SANSI LED Display an Ideal Choice for Live Shows?



Nowadays LED displays are widely used in sports events, big conferences, concerts, live broadcasting rooms, etc. To create gala atmosphere, display videos, present images and details, showcase news reference, SANSI LED displays play a key role in these occasions. Why is SANSI LED display becoming an essential part and ideal choice for live shows?

led display.jpg

To begin with, SANSI LED display has no boundaries. With an extra-large LED screen, SANSI LED display has amazing visual effect when used in live activities. Besides, SANSI LED display can display what fits the stage effects and it features highly energy-saving, costing  less electricity than other equivalent equipment, and has a far more detailed and clear presentation of images and frames. Especially for big concerns, SANSI LED display captures and shows any movement of performer for fans at every corner of the hall.  

With having a variety of project cases where are used for live activities, one particular of SANSI’s projects is the LED display that installed and used in Shanghai Grand Theatre. As one of the largest and best-equipped automatic stages in the world, it has staged over 6,000 performances of operas, musicals, ballets, symphonies, chamber music concerts, spoken dramas and various Chinese operas.  The display equipped with SANSI own-developed solution shone at the theatre, providing a visual feast that complements other interior architecture of the stage.

led screen.jpg