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Yanbu, Saudi Arabia──A Model of Smart City



Royal Comission Smart City Project undertaken by Huawei for Yanbu (Saudi Arabia) has been recognized as The World Smart City Awards 2017 winner for its improvement in citizens' quality of life involves deploying a new fibre network, building a Smart lighting control system, improving the mobility system, creating a big data platform, and developing an Integrated Communication Platform. The biggest event received 309 entries from 58 countries around the world this year.

smart pole system.jpg

Saudi Arabia government aims to create a better city environment and attract more investors by transforming Yanbu to a smart city. Notably, the pioneering project that promote sustainable urban development around the globe features intelligent public management facilities, emergency response, intelligent traffic management and so on, making it a classic case developing smart parking, smart weighing, intelligent garbage bins, intelligent energy management. SANSI smart pole system also be included in it to improve the efficiency of urban management. 

smart street light.jpg

The functions of SANSI smart pole system:

Except for lighting, WIFI, video monitoring, senor, information release and emergency call, SANSI added two more functions for for Yanbu.

1.Solar Power Supply System

SANSI smart streetlights equipped with solar power supply system, converting the light into electricity during the day with plenty of light and storing by using the built-in battery. Even though when the city suddenly breaks down, SANSI smart streetlights can works normally.

2.Public Address System

Yanbu government, schools and other institutes can broadcast effective information to people by Public Address System.

SANSI smart streetlights take the improvement of lighting comfortable, humanized and intelligence as a start point, support by LED lighting, information collection, transmission, dissemination, data processing and the technology of implementation control, in combination with the operation mode as the main body, to become an important carrier and terminal system of future intelligent community and intelligent city.