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Fine Pitch LED Displays Made by SANSI are Widely Utilized in TV Stations



The advent of fine pitch technology has opened up new opportunities in indoor applications for LED video display, making it a market pioneer to traditional one. Dedicated to LED industry over 25 years, SANSI always takes the first step to define fine pitch LED display.

fine pitch display.jpg

Currently, fine pitch LED displays are widely utilized in TV stations which brings a revolutionary change to broadcasting. So, the overall picture quality desired with the intended content is just as important as how you are planning to shoot this content with the camera. With installed fixed flat shape LED display and flexible variable type LED display in so many Chinese TV stations such as Shanghai Television,  Zhejiang Television, Xinjiang Television and so on, SANSI indoor fine pitch LED displays occupied most of the Chinese market.

Features of SANSI indoor fine pitch LED display:

Front installation, Front maintenance.

Wall-mounted structure, supporting front installation. Magnetic design inmodules, completely front-maintenance available.

High efficiency cooling, Noise-free.

NR20 noise level, Die-casting aluminum cabinet.

Revolutionary signal transmission.

Innovative spring contact system.

Intelligent CPU & Software system.

Build-in CPU module design and intelligent monitoring software.

Perfect displaying performance

Ultra-thin design with metal chassis, 3D/2D freely switching.


Meet CE, FCC, ETL certification.

fine pitch led display.jpg

Totaling over 100,000 sqm displays and 1,000,000 lights of annual production in China, over 6000 ㎡ overseas even if only counted in New York Times Square. We deliver truly meaningful LED products by combining our deep understanding of people’s needs with our expertise in LED technology, human behavior, and the biological effects of LED products.