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4K Age is Coming: SANSI LED Lead the Market by Technical Flow



With the development of LED industry, China has became global manufacturing center and gradually narrowed the gap between downstream enterprises and international giants. 4K age provides an important opportunity period for Chinese manufactures to lead the market by technical flow. Landed in Beijing, SANSI outdoor full-color LED display has became an important sample of LED display technological innovation.

1.Low-tech Manufactures are Facing Elimination

Technology has no boundaries.The outbreak can’t be separated from technological innovation. Stuck in the past is no way out according to the successive industrial revolution, especially for today’s highly competitive LED area. In the interior field, ultra-fine LED display make lots of small and medium manufacturers without technological accumulation and innovation face elimination. In the exterior field, manufactures having 3D, 4K and VR technology hold the discourse power and master the market share into twenty-eight differentiation .

outdoor full-color display.jpg

2.Better Displays Drive Market Trends

At present, 80s and 90s who have a certain understanding of technology is comprising consumer groups. What if outdoor displays still follow the traditional way and the content is still old-fashioned? Its media value will be greatly reduced.That’s the reason why many businesses are looking forward to technological innovation of outdoor displays.

3.4K Display Debuts in Beijing

One of 4K technology application examples is Beijing Xidan Taiyun building outdoor full-color display features 4K big screen, 731㎡,3D supported, designed and fabricated by SANSI.The display has attracted market attention, brought visual enjoyment of cinema version and broaden the play range when it came out.

outdoor full-color LED display.jpg

Advertising is a barometer of the national economy. Currently, advertising media industry is developing rapidly and internet technology is changing ways of communication has put forward higher requirements to communication carrier-display. 4K display not only improved video revolution, but also promoted revolution of related fields from shooting to display. SANSI explored a development road of LED display by trying first and piloting first to provide a reference for the development of small and medium manufacturers.